Advice to Landlords

Advice to Landlords

Our advice for landlords

If you’re looking to appoint us as the agent to market and look after your property, rest assured that we have the ability to market it to the right people and achieve the best tenancy as quickly as possible. There are other advantages to you appointing us to handle any rental, such as:

Managing a rented property can be very time-consuming, depending on the tenant and the property’s condition. You will need to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you want to do it yourself; which is why most landlords in the know use an agent to handle this for them.

  • Another advantage is that our legal knowledge and up to date monitoring of the latest changes in legislation will ensure any potential pitfalls when it comes to establishing a rental agreement are avoided.
  • We also have the security procedures in place for keeping confidential information, as well as, on a more practical note, keeping keys to properties safe.
  • If any repairs ever need to be made, or simple maintenance undertaken, rest assured that all our contractors are properly vetted and insured.
  • We will assess any issue raised by the tenant as to its urgency and whether a delay may cause any further damage to your property or endanger your tenants. Once this has been done our team will then consider whether this is a justifiable maintenance cost or whether it is a cost occurring as a result of the tenant’s negligence or misuse. In which case the cost for repair/replacement would be passed to the tenant.
  • Naturally we will also visit the property meet with you prior to the first tenancy commencing. This ensures familiarity with the property and any quirks that it may have. Of course if you do own more than one property you are considering letting, we are well equipped to be able to manage the whole portfolio.
  • In a nutshell, when it comes to portfolio property management we can offer you a one-stop shop.

Landlord charges:

  • Let only service – 9.6% inc VAT (8% + VAT) including rent protection cover
  • Full Management service – 15.6% inc VAT (13% + VAT) including rent protection cover
  • Tenancy agreement fee – £150 inc VAT (£125 + VAT) per tenancy including any renewal thereof
  • Tenant deposit registration service – £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT) per tenancy including any renewal thereof and includes cost of deposit certificate
  • Inventory make/check-in/check out – Varied dependent on size of property
  • Arrangement of Landlords Gas Safety Certificate £30 inc VAT (£25 + VAT) does not include cost of actual certificate
  • Arrangement of installation of either smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors £30 inc VAT (£25 + VAT) does not includes cost of any alarms
  • Energy Performance Certificate £100 inc VAT (£83.33 + VAT) includes cost of certificate
  • Waiting time at property for any contractor/surveyor or any other individual £30 inc VAT (£25 + VAT) per hour subject to a minimum of £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT)
  • Furnishing, redecoration and major repairs, supervisory commission fee of 12% inc VAT (10% + VAT)
  • Quarterly submission of non-resident Landlord forms to HMRC £180 inc VAT (£150 + VAT) per quarter
  • Failure to proceed – should the Landlord inform Matthew Swing & Partners that they do not wish to proceed once an offer has been agreed they will be charged £240 inc VAT (£200 + VAT)

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