Advice to Sellers

Advice to Sellers

Advice for anyone selling a property

To get a fast sale and achieve the right price for the market, it’s best to ensure the following is carried out prior to marketing the property.

  • Think about de-cluttering for starters. Take a trip to the local recycling centre or charity shop.
  • Tackle some outstanding DIY jobs by all means, but resist refurbishing the property entirely – at least until you’ve asked our advice, as some ‘improvements’ will have little or no effect on the speed of a sale, or the price achieved.
  • When deciding which estate agent to instruct for your sale, bear in mind that some may try to secure your business by suggesting an over-inflated asking price. While this may initially win your favour it can lead to a more protracted sale because the asking price wasn’t based on reality in the first place. At Matthew Swing we always practice an open relationship with our clients, right from day one.

How we market your property

At Matthew Swing we’re happy to accompany all viewings on your property. Buyers tend to open up to us and this ensures we can address any concerns early on. Our aim is always to minimize any possible disruption to your everyday life and we endeavour to sell most properties in the preliminary stages of marketing. We will also provide feedback on what buyers are saying and advise you accordingly. Experience has taught us to focus on the quality of viewings, as opposed to the number; so there is no need to be concerned if some days are busier than others.

Reacting to offers

  • Consider all offers on their individual merits and try to reach decisions swiftly, as protracted negotiations can often fail
  • Please be guided by our advice – the first offer may not always be the best offer
  • If a potential buyer approaches you direct with an offer, please do discuss with us before any decision or response – let us earn our keep and work hard to make sure it’s the right offer
  • As part of accepting an offer we usually advise on setting a preferred timescale with the aim to exchange contracts as soon as possible.
  • From exchange, buyers and sellers are legally committed but until then the process can be lengthy and frustrating, so we keep a careful eye on progress and liaise with all parties to eliminate any delays.
  • Of course we can additionally provide you with excellent contacts for finance, conveyancing, surveying, storage and removals.

Monthly Marketing Report June 2017