Advice to Tenants

Advice to Tenants

Our advice for tenants

Contrary to what horror stories in the media may indicate, most landlords are normal, regular, considerate people. Subject to obtaining a reasonable rent for their property, they want their tenants to live in a happy, safe, healthy environment.

Problems tend to arise in our experience mainly through a lack of communication or formal agreements. Fortunately, as a professional and respectable agent we attract professional and respectable landlords. Here are some other formalities you might like to know:

Your tenancy agreement should be drafted specifically for your tenancy and include the following basic information: what property you are renting; what rent and deposit you are to pay; who will be holding the deposit and who is responsible for all the bills payable at the property. The landlord usually pays any ground rent, service charges, mortgage charges and insurance for their property (your personal effects excepted).

  • Tenants are usually responsible for all utilities (gas, electric, telephone, water rates), council tax and television license.
  • If there is cable/satellite television or an alarm, check who will be paying for these.
  • Gardens specific to the property are usually the responsibility of a tenant, however some landlords may arrange for a seasonal tidy up.
  • Your landlord is required by law to supply you with a safe environment in which to live and to do basic repairs, within a reasonable time; fortunately with ourselves as their qualified agent they will know this.
  • As a tenant, you will be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs as a result of your negligence or misuse of the property, subject to allowance for fair wear and tear. We believe our remit is to handle any maintenance issues in a prompt manner, thus ensuring the property’s condition is maintained.
  • When putting an offer forward you will usually be asked for referencing information, proof of identity and a deposit in advance to show you are serious about the offer you are making.

For a comprehensive guide on “How to Rent” please click here.

Tenant charges:

  • Tenancy agreement fee – £150 inc VAT (£125 + VAT) per tenancy including any renewal thereof
  • Referencing fees of £42 inc VAT (£35 + VAT) per applicant
  • Inventory check-in charge – variable dependent on size of property, please enquire for details
  • Guarantor agreement fee £36 inc VAT (£30 + VAT) per guarantor
  • Guarantor referencing £36 inc VAT (£30 + VAT) per guarantor agreement
  • Company referencing £60 inc VAT (£50 + VAT)
  • Deed of Surrender £36 inc VAT (£30 + VAT)

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